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Registering on this Forum

Post by The5820ConnectionAdmin on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:18 pm

Hi! Welcome to the 58/20 Connection site, intended to foster a community within the building. Before registering on the forum please consider a few things carefully; if there is only one post you should read prior, it is this one.

Sometimes people have conflicts with one another, in person, online, everywhere you go. The difference here is that we are neighbors, and we all live in this building. It is our home. While I would like to take it on faith that we can all be respectful towards one another, the one requirement I would ask in registering in the forums is to make it clear in the registration process who you are (real first name and what apartment is enough, we don't need your personal information beyond being able to identify you. This information will not be shared between site members, and only for the administrator to have the ability to intervene in case of a crisis situation. It may not seem so, but it is for your protection). If that isn't within your boundaries, it is fine; it's not like you are required to use this forum. It would also allow us to ensure that people who don't live here are not on the forum (within reason, but hopefully I am insightful enough to keep my actual neighbors safe).

In fairness to collecting your information, I will give you mine. Some of you may know me as Greg from apt#1106.


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